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we are looking forward to starting this unforgettable adventure!

thank you!

Please follow the steps below to complete registration:

Complete payment

Find here QRcode for Thai bank transfer if you are in Thailand. If you would like to pay with other payment method  please contact

Add payment confirmation screenshot to your registration form.

Elemental Summer Camp Fee - Koh Phangan: 15.000THB/ week per child
Elemental Summer Camp Fee - Chiang Mai: 13,000THB/ week per child


For payment by website (5.5% fee is charged) with credit card please click here


Complete Registration Form

After payment please complete Registration Form and add payment confirmation. If you are signing-up more than one child please submit 1 form per child.



Registration Confirmed

You will receive an e-mail confirmation within 24hrs after submitting registration form, with all the details about the Summer Camp and preparations so your children can take the most out of this experience!

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