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AbleNFT revolutionizes the investment landscape by allowing investors to fund regenerative projects through the purchase of NFTs.


Each NFT not only provides a stake in a specific project, such as coral restoration, sustainable agriculture, or eco-friendly tourism, but also offers passive income through profit sharing.


This innovative model creates a direct link between environmental regeneration and financial returns, empowering people to invest in and benefit from initiatives that make a positive impact on the planet.

Note: ableNFT is a company based in Costa Rica, and more updates about it are going to be shared on our social media. To know more, visit:

Our Projects

Thriving Coral - Microframentation for Coral Restoration

We are committed to restoring vibrant coral ecosystems through our innovative microfragmentation project. This advanced technique accelerates coral growth, allowing us to rehabilitate damaged reefs more efficiently. By rebuilding these vital underwater habitats, we are fostering marine biodiversity, supporting coastal protection, and aiding local communities that rely on healthy reefs. You can invest in this crucial conservation effort by purchasing an AbleNFT token, which directly supports our restoration activities.

thriving coral ableNFT microfragmentation.png

Elephant Sanctuary Signature Experience

Our Elephant Sanctuary Signature Experience offers a unique opportunity to engage with elephants in a responsible and ethical manner. We focus on the welfare and conservation of these majestic animals, providing a sanctuary where they can thrive in their natural habitat. Visitors are invited to learn about elephant behavior, participate in their care, and contribute to conservation efforts that protect their future. By purchasing an AbleNFT token, you can invest in and support our sanctuary, ensuring ongoing care and conservation for these incredible creatures.

ableNFT secrets of the elephants.png

able Coffee

Our coffee product is sourced from sustainable farms that prioritize environmental stewardship and fair trade practices. We offer premium, ethically produced coffee that not only delivers exceptional flavor but also supports the well-being of farmers and their communities. Investing in our organic coffee is easy and impactful with the purchase of an AbleNFT token, which helps sustain our commitment to ethical and sustainable agricultural practices.

ableCoffee ableNFT.png

AbleX Platform

AbleX is a groundbreaking booking platform that exclusively features hotels and residences meeting our stringent 'green' standards for eco-friendly and sustainable tourism. Unlike traditional booking sites, AbleX ensures that every accommodation option promotes environmental conservation and responsible travel practices. This platform offers travelers guilt-free and impactful stays that contribute positively to local ecosystems and communities. You can support and invest in our green tourism mission by purchasing an AbleNFT token, which helps fund the expansion of our eco-friendly offerings.

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