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The Little Urban Farm

The Little Urban Farm is a educational project that creates summer camps, nature-based education and outdoor experiences with the intention to inspire people to live more connected to nature.

The Little Urban Farm is recognized by HundrED as one of the most impactful and meaningful educational project in the world for the year 2022.

The Little Urban Farm also received the prize of Thailand Prestige Awards for the impactful work it has been doing in the field of education and regeneration.

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Permaculture for children

My Little Garden is a nature-based program from The Little Urban Farm that teach permaculture in a small scale. If you want to buy one and grow delicious food at your backyard, check our shop and message us to know more about it.

my little garden - demonstration.png

Natural Building

When was the last time you were covered on mud without caring about washing the clothes? Kids learn about natural building, about soil, texture, chemistry, biology, everything using the dirty. There is scientific evidence that there are microbiology in the soil that is related to a life with depression. Maybe, this is the reason why the kids who join our camps are so happy.

natural building joy.png

Project-based learning

The Little Urban Farm creates meaningful projects. Do you know that dream of building a Tree House?

We made it. Yes, we teach mathematics, architecture, engineer and life-skills by getting things done. Some people talk, other people do. We believe that example and leadership is the best way to empower the new generation. Do you agree with us? Join our next camp.

building a tree house with kids.jpeg

Planning to build a tree house

To build a tree house is fun, but if we learn responsibility, team-building, collaboration and adaptability it is even better. That is what we do with the Tree House Project-based learning.

We not only make a drawing of the project, we also create a 3D model and take a picture to celebrate our accomplishment.

building a tree house summer camp.png

Pop-up Kitchen

imagine how would you feel if you had a change to manage an Italian restaurant for one day. This is what we have done in Chiang Mai. Soon, we will announce this same experience in Koh Phangan.

Nothing more empowering that playing it for real. Making the dough, baking the pizza, taking orders, all this are important life lessons and we eat a pizza with our family after all this learning, the pizza tastes better.

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