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Providing eXperiences that are good for the planet
Kids activities, workshops, courses, dinners and much more


Summer Camp

Nature-based educational program with a project-based learning approach. Learn together and understand how we can illuminate and protect the wonder of our world. Our program is all about exploring the power of each element and its impact on our world. Our team is dedicated to provide a safe and inclusive environment where children can build confidence, friendships, and lifelong memories!



Coming soon

Discover the world of microgreens with us and embark on a journey of health and flavor! Our hands-on experience immerses you in the secrets of soil, seeds, and the incredible benefits of these tiny powerhouses. You'll learn to nurture these vibrant greens from seed to plate, witnessing their remarkable growth.

Through our guided sessions, gain insights into the fascinating world of microgreens, from choosing the right soil to understanding the diverse array of seeds. Unearth the culinary wonders they bring to your diet, enhancing both taste and nutrition. You'll leave with newfound knowledge, the joy of cultivating life, and the ability to transform your meals into nutritious masterpieces with a pop of freshness. Join us today and sow the seeds of a healthier, tastier lifestyle!


The art of cacao

Coming soon

Indulge in the enchanting "Art of Cacao" experience and let the magic of chocolate unfold before your eyes! Immerse yourself in the world of cacao from the very beginning as you plant your own cacao tree and nurture it to life. Discover the fascinating journey from cacao pod to delectable chocolate bar.

Our hands-on workshops guide you through the delicate process of transforming cacao beans into heavenly chocolate. Delve into the secrets of roasting, grinding, and tempering, and learn the alchemy behind creating your own chocolate delights. You'll gain a deep appreciation for the craftsmanship and history behind this beloved treat.

Unearth the rich traditions, tantalizing aromas, and mouthwatering flavors of the cacao world as you embark on this delightful journey. Join us in the "Art of Cacao" and savor the sweet rewards of your newfound knowledge and chocolate-making prowess!

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