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Two elephants splashing water

Discover Wildlife
at OurLand


Nature Connection
2 Days Adventure for Kids @ OurLand
November 25th  & 26th 2023

OurLand and Able to Regenerate are excited to present this unique program designed to foster a deep connection with our planet and its incredible wildlife. All in a exciting program based in National Geographic's framework. Through a range of engaging activities, kids will not only have a blast but also gain a profound understanding of the importance of protecting our environment.

Check here what this experience will look like:


Our Highlights



With our special approach, children can enjoy the refreshing waters of the River Kwai Yai while closely observing the biodiversity along the riverbanks, including plants and wildlife. Additionally, we provide a safety raft for those who may not be comfortable floating.


Jungle Ecology and Tracking:

Dive into the lush jungle as we learn about the diverse ecosystems and wildlife that call OurLand home. Discover the secrets of tracking and identifying animal signs.


A Night Walk & Campfire:

Grab a flashlight and venture into the jungle. It's a great opportunity for kids to observe nocturnal creatures that hide away from the sunlight during the daytime. And after can you imagine how a campfire can illuminate the soul and bring people together? Your children will discover the answer with us right in the jungle.


Mud House Building:

Get your hands dirty and experience the satisfaction of creating a mud house from natural materials. Building brick from mud and learning together you to build a mud house.


Price: 8,000THB/ children
Included: 2 Days of activities +Accommodation Shared Dorm + 4 meals included + snacks and refreshment +  Experienced teachers and instructors. 

EARLBIRD PRICE - Get 20% OFF by booking before Nov. 4th!

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 Transportation from Bangkok provided - not included


 Don't miss out on this incredible adventure that combines education, nature, and fun!

 Let's come together to inspire the next generation of environmental stewards. 

 Important Note: Limited spots available. Book early to secure your child's place in this enriching  experience.


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