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Rock Climbing

Join our After School Climbing Club every Wednesday in Koh Phangan. Or book an exclusive climbing tour with out ream. It's cool, awesome and amazing.

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Summer Camps

Project-based learning, nature based education. Our summer camps are great for people to have fun and also to develop emotional intelligence and social emotional skills. Would you like to build a tree house with us? Would you like to build a pizza oven using clay and natural building materials? Join us.

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The Sonosphere

The Sonosphere is a kinetic and interactive light/sound installation art piece which is also a powerful tool for experiencing the full body effect of resonance using cymatic principals.


Veggie Box - CSA

Would you like to received a weekly box with organic, local and healthy veggies? This is our new project that will also educate locals to grow high valuable crops. Rocket, Curly Kale, Swiss-chard, Red Sorrel. The standards of quality for food in Koh Phangan is reaching the next level. Support us, eat healthy. Subscribe now.

Farmer Wearing Straw Hat

Magical U

Most of our traumas are created in our childhood. Magical U is a fantastic tool that help us to 

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Thriving Coral

Thriving Coral is an early stage startup that is bringing technology from Costa Rica to Thailand. Our project will start to take place in 2023. We are working in partnership with DMCR, COREsea and other marine projects in Thailand.

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