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& Community Development

If we want to thrive as a global community, we need more than just growing organic food. We also need an ethical and effective way of distribution.


PDC  - Design
Syntropic Agroforestry
Natural Building
Permaculture Design Courses are intensive 14 days courses that teach all the skill required to be a permaculture designer. As climate change emerges, it is time for us to learn how to make a living in a sustainable way.
According to  Ernst Gtosch: "A syntropic agroforestry evolves and transforms over time and space, always “towards the increase of quantity and quality of consolidated life”. Connection with nature and the regenerative mindset, join our Syntropic Course.
Have you ever dreamed about building with bamboo, mud, or wood? This is a great course for you. You will learn different techniques, and also how to recognize the tools and needs to make your own natural buildings.

Where our permaculture courses take place?

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A quietly stunning space, our shala is around 120 m2, with high quality hardwood floors and a panoramic sunset view of the ocean and islands on the horizon. Our location is shielded by trees minimising noise, yet bathed in the sounds of the jungle, perfect for large yoga or dance groups and workshops.

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The Source Vision:

We warmly welcome you to our space at the heart of our island, intended for enabling a connection to your inner truth, free from distractions, no matter your background.

Here at The Source you will come home to the embrace of nature in the spirit of growth and self-love, and our staff are trained and dedicated to offer support in a safe space, and integration after your visit. Visitors here become part of our family!

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