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3 Day Lead Climbing

Times: 9AM – 5PM

  • 8,500 Thai baht

Service Description

Lead climbing courses are great for those who enjoy climbing and would like to take it to the next step so they can climb on their own, or for those who would like to feel more confident with their lead climbing skills and ability. This course is catered to your specific needs, and provides you with the skills and safety technique for climbing on your own. You will learn how to set your own climbing routes with in depth instructions, such as: How to use quick draws, to ensure you place them safely and know how to determine this. How to set the anchor, and if you can’t make it to the anchor how to come down without having to leave your equipment on the rock. How to rappel using an ATC. All of the instructions above are covered in the first day, however, climbing is a learn by doing process, so the more time you have practicing and learning with our experienced guides, the more confident you will feel with your ability, and the more time they have to work with you providing instructions and techniques. When taking the two or three day lead climbing course we will take you climbing at different climbing locations, and with the three day course we will also teach you multi-pitch procedures and skills. – Days: 3 Days – Includes equipment – Includes lunch – Includes water (bring your own bottle) – Includes insurance

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