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Able Startup Accelerator Program

Whether you just have an idea, are building an MVP, or already have a startup with early revenues, we can help. Since 2022, our highly-structured programs have given entrepreneurs clarity on their next steps, critical feedback on their decisions, and a global network to support their growth.

Our project is just in the beginning but our team has more than 15 years experience creating digital, high tech and innovative companies all over the world. To know more about the Able Startup Accelerator Program 2023, please send an email to:

We will accept projects from November 1st to November 30th. The projects selected will join

The Sonosphere and the Thriving Coral project.

Business Meeting

From Nov 1st until Nov 30th

Submit the project

Note - Submission form will be available November 1st for project submission.

When submitting, you will need:

- Pitch Deck

- Business Plan
- Application Fee 1,000 THB 

We are looking for projects to support

Green energy, NFTs, Wildlife Preservation

Our team is specialized in Blockchain, Food productions and Distribution. Wildlife Preservation, Online Education and Digital Business.

Image by Harley-Davidson

Example of projects we are working on:

the sonosphere logo.png

he Sonosphere is a healing technology using sound waves to resonate the human body and heal diseases. The use of the physical machine, in addition to other sounds and visuals, creates a healing atmosphere to allow patients to experience relaxation, ease from suffering of PTSD symptoms, chronic pain and anxiety. Studies are being conducted to understand what other diseases and ailments this technology can be used to alleviate and heal.

IMG_1340 copy.jpg

Meet The Team


Gui Brotto

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Gui Brotto is a serial entrepreneur that is working to merge Web3.0, Regenerative and Sustainable Farming as well as bringing innovation to our medical industries.

jasmin kuester.png

Jasmin Kuester

Jasmins is a serial entrepreneur that loves nature. Jasmin is leading projects that are protecting wildlife, growing organic food and NFTs. Jasmin is thriving in the creation of a healthy and happy community.

trhiving coral logo - white.png
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