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Farmer Wearing Straw Hat

Community Supported Agriculture

Veggie Box - Koh Phangan

Veggie Box is a project created by ABLE TO REGENERATE CO. LTD. to bring more awareness about our need to support local farmers and to be more independent from the food we receive from the mainland.

organic vegetable koh phangan.jpg

How much is it?

The price is 800 THB, it includes around 6 kg of vegetables. We include as much as local organic we can from the island, we still buy vegetables from other organic and pesticide-free farms in the mainland and our goal is to be 100% from the Island in January 2024.

Romanesco Cauliflower

Permaculture Courses

We are going to announce soon, permaculture design courses, syntropic agro-forests workshops, natural building and nature-based experiences.

Follow our Facebook page to know more.

able syntropic agroforest course.png

Jasmin & Gui

Jasmin and Gui are working together to regenerate Koh Phangan, regenerate the soils and support local growers with natural farming methods. If you want to support us, reach out and let us know what we can do together the create a better life for our community.

Gui & Jasmin_edited.jpg

How to sign up for the veggie box?

If you want to sign up for a delivery, please, visit this link and complete the registration form:

You can also message our website or our Facebook page to know more.

Organic Beetroots

The Source & P'Mii

P'Mii is our supplier of Cassava, Bananas, Pineapples, Durian, Ginger, Turmeric and other herbs. There is a food forest in development there, and soon we will announce Permaculture Courses.

Pineapple The Source Koh Phangan_edited.jpg

Community Supported Agriculture

What is CSA?

Consumers and farmers work together on behalf of the Earth and each other. While the farmer is tending the Earth on behalf of others, consumers share the costs of supporting the farm and share the risk of variable harvests (and also share the over-abundance of a particularly fruitful years). Membership in the CSA is based on shares of the harvest. Members are called shareholders and they subscribe or underwrite the harvest for the entire season in advance. Each project handles this relationship in its own fashion. Every farm is different in length of season, crops grown, level of social activities and price they set for their shares. CSA is not about cheap food, which is usually neither nourishing nor grown with care of the environment in mind. CSA is about each of us being responsible. We encourage you to compare prices of a share at your local CSA to the supermarket's "cheap food."

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