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Regeneration can change your life,
and the Planet.

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Oct 21st to 26th - KOH PHANGAN, Thailand

In cooperation with Mindful Career Vietnam, Able to Regenerate will guide leaders and influencers  in a impactful experience to learn how to apply regenerative approach in work environments, creating positive impact and instigating a sustainable social-environmental responsibility!

It is possible to create profit and regenerate the planet at the same time, and we will show you how!

An experience that will empower you to be the change

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Our Tool Kit


Mindfulness and Nervous System Regulation: 

Equip yourself with nervous system regulation practical tools and strategies to prevent burnout, ensuring your work-life is healthy, balanced and sustainable. Nervous System regulation is one of the secrets to empower yourself to face challenging situations with maturity and to learn that most of the time it is not about the environment you are in, but how you relate emotionally with the context and space where you are immersed in. Learning regulation tools is just like growing superpowers!


Boundaries, Relating & Communication:
Learn how to notice in real-time when something doesn’t feel right, and identify what needs to be changed, said or done. Gain tools to identify and communicate your needs in a way that causes empathy and enables mutual understanding. Learn how to make effective requests that will move you forward, towards the life you desire and deserve. Enhance communication skills, leading to improved collaboration, teamwork, and leadership effectiveness.

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Environmental Stewardship:

Embrace regenerative practices that prioritise our planet's well-being. Develop innovative ideas to integrate sustainability into business program.  Reconnect to nature and its cycles through Permaculture and outdoor activities such as Climbing.  Understanding how nature can support emotional awareness and growth. Move from fear to empowerment. We will hike and climb in one of the most beautiful view points on Koh Phangan!

Our Schedule

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An unforgettable experience
in Paradise!

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Koh Phangan, a captivating destination a tropical paradise in the Gulf of Thailand, enchants with its white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters,With its pristine beaches, lush landscapes, and serene atmosphere, this island offers an ideal backdrop for reset and focused collaboration. Koh Phangan's unique blend of relaxation and adventure is sure to inspire creativity and foster meaningful connections. Our resort venue offers luxury suites and best pool villas spread across a beautiful private beach. Sauna, gym and salt water pool included.  Our resort is Eco-sustainable Level 3 (top rate) according

Oct 21st to 26th - KOH PHANGAN, Thailand

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