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Exclusive FREE live webinar for PARENTS! 

We will share with you the best tools to bring more connection to nature to your home! Even if you live in a city we will help you to create this relationship for your little ones! They so deserve it!    


May 16th - 2pm ICT

(if you can’t make this time, no worries the recording will be available for you if you sign-up!)

What we will discuss during this webinar?

  • Relationship between connection to nature and emotional intelligence

  • Elemental wisdom for kids

  • Health and nourishment for kids

  • Build your own little urban farm

  • Permaculture and regeneration for kids 

Our webinar speakers:

Gui Brotto

Gui Brotto is founder of Able to Regenerate Co. LTD and of the project The Little Urban Farm.  He is a certified National Geographic Educator and passionate for talking care of the planet! Gui is also Ambassador of Education in Finland for Social Emotional Learning and 21st Century Skills, creating innovative educational frameworks with project-based learning and nature-based learning approach.

Nico Jones

Nico is Able’s teacher coordinator, he has been working in the Educational field for more than 20 years, as counseling for children and parents. He is an enthusiast about emotional awareness and elemental work. Nico is also a musician and loves to share with the kids his passion for nature outdoors activities and for the animals. 

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